The Brave Unicorn
The Brave Unicorn
-4 star Amazon grit kids book with 3D illustration-

The Brave Unicorn is an illustrated children's bedtime book that attracts children to read with pop culture artwork (including Gangnam Style, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Slurpee and Star Wars), while teaching kids grit including life lessons about how to overcome disappointment and failure

This children’s book with morals is relevant because children need to deal with failure on a constant basis, from bullies to failing in academic settings or in relationships. This inspirational children's story is even more fun because it has awesome unicorn art illustrations and children rhymes.

It is very important that you change that as a parent, by instilling a sense of courage, fear, persistence and grit that children can use to overcome their failures, to look at failure as a stepping stone to success rather than something that will negatively affect them for the rest of their lives.

A lesson in courage, when taught at a young age, can go a very long way in altering a child's life for the better, well into their adult years.  This valuable and entertaining book helps teach parents how to easily approach these topics with their children.

Among The Brave Unicorn's s most valuable insights:

  • How failure is a stepping stone to success
  • How grit can be learned, regardless of circumstances 
  • How important it is to commit to a goal

Great characters, great story, great read, great fun!
— Matt Fleming, managing editor and books editor-Time Out
The book is about overcoming challenges and failure.
— Vanessa Ko, South China Morning Post